• Jun 28, 2023

    LLNRD Board of Directors Approves Advanced Soil Sampling Cost-Share Program

    The Lower Loup NRD Board of Directors has approved funding for a new district-wide Advanced Soil Sampling Cost-Share program. The approved amount is $75,000 annually, with $50,000 being committed to district-wide sampling… Read Full Story

  • Jun 12, 2023

    LLNRD Updates Crop Water Use Report

    The Lower Loup NRD has updated its Crop Water Use Report format. The updated layout consolidates data from three automated regional weather stations within the High Plains Regional Climate Center network into useful infographics… Read Full Story

  • Jun 09, 2023

    Test Your Well

    By LLNRD Information Specialist, Brant Bechtold With the issue of nitrate pollution in Nebraska’s drinking water being at the forefront of the water conservation conversation in Nebraska, and the topic of extensive press… Read Full Story

  • Jun 07, 2023

    LLNRD Announces 2023 Photo Contest Winners

    Winning photographs have been chosen in the Lower Loup NRD’s 2023 Photo Contest. In the competition that ran from November 2022 through May 15, 2023, twenty-seven photographers from the Lower Loup NRD, from across Nebraska,… Read Full Story

  • Jun 01, 2023

    Timing Nitrogen Application & Vulnerability of Nitrogen to Loss

    Nitrogen is one of the most important nutrients utilized in today’s agronomic systems. Nitrogen is also one of the most volatile and dynamic nutrients in the environment. Crop production in Nebraska often involves supplemental… Read Full Story

  • May 12, 2023

    Chemigation Permit Deadline is June 1

    Chemigation can be an efficient method of applying agricultural chemicals, but there are risks. These include the possibility of backflow of chemicals into the water source. To mitigate the risks, the Lower Loup NRD has instituted… Read Full Story