A Year-round Systems Approach to Water and Nitrogen Management a Must for Optimal Economic Returns and Environmental Protection

A year-round systems approach to water and nitrogen management will be the focus of a workshop on Feb. 8, 2024, at the Nance County Events Center at 406 North Ida Street in Fullerton from 10:30 am to1:30 pm. The event is free to attend and includes lunch. The event is being sponsored by Nebraska Extension in Nance County and the Lower Loup Natural Resources District.

Attending the program will also renew operators LLNRD Nitrogen Certification whether it has expired or has a year or two left on it.

The best management practices for irrigation and nitrogen should be viewed as one in the same. If the right amount of nitrogen is placed on the field and then too much water from precipitation and/or irrigation is applied, the crop will be short of nitrogen. On the other hand, if the right amount of water is added to the field and too much nitrogen is applied, the nitrogen will not be used by the crop and most likely be lost to deep percolation from rain in the spring before the following year’s crop can use it. Both resources should be managed with a year-round approach for both best economic returns and protecting the environment. The program will also focus on nitrogen sources, stabilizers, and application methods and equipment. 

10:30  Year-round Soil Water Management

          Steve Melvin, UNL Extension Educator


11:05  Year-round Soil Nitrogen Management

          Jenny Rees, UNL Extension Educator


11:40  Nitrogen Sources and Stabilizers for Corn

          Jenny Rees, UNL Extension Educator


12:00  Lunch


12:30  Setting Up & Operating Fertilizer Application Equipment

          Steve Melvin, UNL Extension Educator


1:00   Nitrogen Certification – Water Quality Management Areas On-Line Data Entry

          Mike Lorenz, LLNRD Agronomy Technician


Contact the Lower Loup NRD to reserve your spot. (308) 728-3221