LLNRD Directors, Staff Honored For Service

The Lower Loup Natural Resources District presented service awards to directors and staff on Dec. 16, 2021. Due to a delay because of the pandemic, awards for 2020 and 2021 were presented. Directors receiving recognition were:


Darwin Anderson, 45 years

James Adams, 30 years

Joseph Citta, 30 years

Gary Kruse, 25 years

Jim Eschliman, 15 years

Rollie Amsberry, 15 years

Timothy Bartak, 10 years

Dean Thede, 5 years

Beth Boesch, 5 years


Employees receiving recognition were:

Daniel Ray, 45 years

Cheryl Hornickel, 40 years

Peggy Griffin, 30 years

Ed Drozd, 25 years (not pictured)

Russel Callan, 20 years

Tyler Collier, 20 years

Larry Schultz, 20 years

Julie McBride, 20 years

Dell Harris, 15 years

Michael Lorenz, 15 years

Irene Kreifels, 10 years

Jason Moudry, 10 years

LeeAnn Smith, 10 years

Jeri Rosno, 5 years

Additionally, the LLNRD Board of Directors adopted resolutions recognizing the “exemplary service and valuable advice” of Daniel Ray (45 years) and Marie Schmeits (34 years).