South Loup Watershed Plan Gets EPA Approval

The watershed plan developed for the South Loup River Basin for the Lower Loup Natural Resources District has received final approval from the US Environmental Protection Agency.  The completed plan provides insights on the work needed to protect water quality and quantity in the basin.  It also identifies best management practices that can be utilized to protect both surface and groundwater in the basin.  The plan can be accessed by clicking here.

The South Loup River Watershed encompasses over 1 million acres in central Nebraska.  The area is primarily devoted to agricultural uses, including farming, grazing, and feeding operations.  It includes 6 communities, 2 community lakes, and multiple recreational uses.  There are over 230 stream miles in the basin.

Water quality concerns include both groundwater nitrate levels and in-stream e Coli bacteria levels.  The Nebraska Department of Environmental Quality has also labeled several locations on the South Loup River as impaired.

Maps, a hydrology analysis, water quality modeling report, stream assessment report and the recommendations for best management practices are available in the plans, reports and rules section here.