Well Data for Columbus Recharge Project Now Available

The Lower Loup Natural Resources District, the City of Columbus, Platte County, Archer Daniels Midland, and the Christopher’s Cove Homeowners Association are partnering on a groundwater recharge project southeast of Columbus.

The recharge project will help offset groundwater declines in an area southeast of Columbus. It also restores the hydrology of Lost Creek Channel. This project has received a grant from the Water Sustainability Fund (WSF), issued by the Nebraska Department of Natural Resources. The WSF is a source of financial support to help local sponsors who have any programs or projects that increase groundwater recharge, reduce aquifer depletion and increase streamflow.

To keep track of groundwater levels, the Lower Loup NRD has drilled several monitoring wells in the affected area.  You can see the real-time data here.  You must select one of the monitoring wells on the right side of the page and then, at the top left, choose pressure, depth to water, temperature, or all three. Upon selecting depth to water, remember that these graphs are listed with ground level along the bottom of the chart. So as the level gets closer to 0, the higher the groundwater table. Levels can be displayed in either feet or meters.

The project is nearing completion. LLNRD General Manager Russ Callan said the partnership of community, county, NRD, and private citizens was a vital component in the success of the project.